Club Info

Team Absolute, formerly known as Absolute Imports, was founded in June of 2002 by a small group of automotive enthusiasts who shared the same common interest in modifying the appearance and performance of their rides.

Throughout the years, more passionate automotive enthusiasts joined the club and quickly forged the strong foundation that allowed for Team Absolute to become the longest lasting “modern custom” automotive club in the Richmond, VA area.

This club was created with intentions to provide a drama free environment for people to meet other people that share the same automotive hobbies. Most importantly, it allows for people to give back to the community through charitable donations at local car shows.

Our core principal is simple: Respect is given where respect is earned.


Team Absolute holds bi-weekly cruise-ins at Virginia Solar Tinting (10535 Hull Street Road Midlothian, Virginia 23112). These cruise-ins occur on Saturdays at 8PM and typically last an hour or two. You can find when the next cruise-in is scheduled by visiting the "Upcoming Events" section of the website.

Typical Cruise-in: Consists of discussing future club events such as car shows, meetings, or even setting a time and date to assist a fellow member with anything from an LED installation to an engine swap. These cruise-ins also give an opportunity for us to meet new people and possible prospects. We openly discuss automotive ideas and future plans that one may have for their vehicle. We meet up to enjoy each others’ company and have a good time.

Cruise-ins are not mandatory for members, except for the final two meetings of the year when we have the Team Absolute award ceremony and holiday gift exchange.

Car Shows

Team Absolute attends many car shows throughout Virginia and the surrounding states. You can find when the next show is scheduled by visiting the "Upcoming Events" section of the website.

Typical Car Show: Team Absolute members and propects that are attending the show will meet up at our normal meeting spot with a clean ride at a certain time that was previously discussed at a club meeting. We then all drive to the show together. Once we arrive at the show we register the vehicles and begin detailing the cars. Your car will be classed by its Year, Make, and Model. It is possible that the smaller shows will only class by Make, however, the larger two-day shows could have over 120 classes. The larger shows will also have a Mild and Wild category to narrow down the competition further and provide everyone with a better chance of placing. We have seen over 1000 cars in attendance at some of these shows. The judges will generally judge your car on a 100 point system, breaking down your vehicle into different categories: exterior, interior, engine, etc. They will judge your vehicle based on the types of modifications that you have done and, of course, cleanliness. The larger shows will have many other car clubs from all over the east coast in attendance. The other clubs could range from 2 members to 50 or more members. Depending on what kind of show, the host club may offer “Club Games”. This allows clubs to verse other clubs in various competitions such as: tug-of-war, amp toss, beer pong, dodge ball, etc. The winning club will be awarded the Best Club Participation trophy. Other competitions include, burnouts, dragging, drag racing, hi/low, bass off, hydraulic, etc. We also attend local shows here in Richmond, Virginia where some, or all, of the proceeds could go towards a good cause or charity.

Car shows are not mandatory for members.

If you feel that you may be interested in learning more about Team Absolute or what the show scene is all about, feel free to post on our message board or come up to one of our meetings.